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Planning to spend your entire life with someone? Invest 40 minutes before that for just ₹2000 499

Dr Samir Vyas specializes in teaching couples how to communicate their needs, heal from past hurts and continue to work on their emotional connection. He has a passion to help both individuals and couples become healthy and more self-aware by providing ongoing accountability. 
Found your "fairytale romance"?
Let us help you live happily ever after!
Are your emotions getting the better of you? Do you lack the confidence to communicate to the people in your life? Are your relationships in a slump? Do you wish you could break free? Do you worry about the future? Are your needs not being met? Do you struggle with knowing what to do next?

During our time together, you and your spouse will leave the session with:

  • Clarity on what you want to create in your marriage
  • A deeper understanding of the specific challenges that are holding you back
  • Recommended next steps that will help you restore the intimacy in your marriage
  • ​Renewed motivation and confidence to have a healthier future together
  • ​Overcome obstacles that are keeping you from having a happy life
  • ​Switch to call or chat anytime, includes 2 session of 20 mins each
Three key elements to his coaching sessions are to help you: 
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we also help in Identify strength and growth areas, Establish personal, couple, and family goals, Compare family backgrounds, Comfortably discuss financial issues
Build Therapy plan with Your Counsellor
Includes 2 Sessions of 20 mins Each or 1 session of 40 mins

    Why do you need Pre-Marriage Online Counselling?

    A many congratulations that now you are about to commit to the love of your life and we wish you all the luck and happiness. But have you been true to yourself and your partner? Have you really sit together and discuss your strengths and weaknesses? It could be anything - your finances, beliefs, value system, children, parenting, dealing with anger, decision making or could be anything even, intimacy and sex which right now seem so far fetched. Or you are ignoring everything in the glow of getting married?
    There is nothing to be ashamed about. If you seek professional pre-marriage counselling, there is nothing wrong with your relationship, rather you are working towards building it stronger. Remember premarital counselling is often provided by a licensed therapist.
    A premarital online counsellor is not trying to raise questions on your relationship but actually ensuring that you and your partner identify the potential weaknesses before and learn to tackle them efficiently. The idea is to talk and talk more. Good communication is the base for a strong, healthy relationship which also gives way to a stable and satisfying marriage.


    Explore personality traits
    An arranged match doesn't have to feel like an arranged match, with us. Know your partner well before marrying them. Explore the similarities, differences and quirks and discover how they complement yours!
    Know your strengths and growth areas
    Horoscopes are passé. With our scientifically developed and designed methods, understand all aspects of your relationship better.
    Strengthen communication and resolve conflicts
    Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. We help you communicate better to help avoid conflicts and in case of them, resolve them.
    Goal setting and financial management
    It's important to understand your partner's background including their daily lifestyle and financial management. We help you establish personal, couple and family goals so as to give you a strong and secure start or re-start.

    How it works?

    Whether you're engaged or recently married or looking at enriching your marriage, we've got something for every couple.

    • Preparation: Step into a new chapter of your life prepared, with our holistic, customised compatibility report that helps us guide young couples in the right direction of their strengths, growth and potential blind spots.
    • Enrichment: Keep the spark alive and let us help you explore and rediscover your relationship and partner in new, effective ways. Let this beautiful bond never stop surprising you!
    • Restoration: Let us be your guilding hand in the ups and downs of marital life. Restore, rebuild and gain the insight and communication tools for a long lasting, successful and happy marriage.

    Dr. Samir Vyas
    M.B.B.S., D.M.R.E., M.Sc, MBA (Psychological Counseling & Therapy)  

    Meet the Founder - Dr. Samir Vyas
    Looking at failed, unhappy marriages around me, I knew I had to do something about it and felt the ever growing need for pre marital counselling. I have been married for over 20 years with two kids and I’m passionate about helping couples live a fulfilling, happy married life. My guru, Pujya Dayanand Saraswatiji inspired me to remind people about the sacredness of marriage and thus in 2012 TheSacredVows was born. Since then, I and my team of qualified psychological counselors have been guiding couples from all walks of life, at various stages in their relationship to live a healthy, happy and successful married life.
    Why Me?
    More than decade experience 
    Tailor-made for individual needs
    100% private and confidential
    ​Proven results

    Real People Real Results

    Do I have to be engaged to take this Session?
    No. If you are in a committed relationship (dating, engaged, or newlywed) looking to build a solid foundation that will go the distance, then this is for you! We’ve even had couples who have been married over 20 years go through the course and find great new tools for their relationship.
    My fiancé(e) is hesitant about taking this session with me. Is this program something I can do on my own?
    Absolutely. The Sacred Vows is designed to bring awareness to and give you action steps for the 6 core areas that you need to master in order to have a thriving relationship. Healthy people make healthy marriages. We always encourage that individuals work on themselves before trying to change their mate.
    How long is this session?
    The introspect session is for 40 mins(2 session of 20 mins). What we suggest to go for assessment test which will help you gain deeper understanding about the relation. We really try to prepare, enrich and restore strongest bond between couples. You can revisit your assessment material as many times as you like, before or after your wedding!
    Where do I start? Is there a particular order in which we must start?
    No, you can jump to any topic you find relevant in your relationship and start during the session.Though we highly recommend our deep dive sessions for you.
    What if we need more help in our relationship beyond ?
    The Sacred Vows  is designed to bring up areas in your relationship that need to be discussed and processed though. Many couples can get stuck on a certain issue and might need an outside perspective. We are available for online premarital sessions, if needed. Just reach out to us.
    After payment when can I schedule my session
    sessions are either 20 or 40 minutes and can be done via Skype or zoom or whatsapp. Dr Samir will reach out within 2-3 business days to set up a time for your session. If you have any questions regarding coaching sessions with Dr Samir Vyas, please feel free to email him directly at When purchasing a session, you are agreeing with our terms of service and refund policy.
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